Clicking on a log message fails with "Platform Error Boundary - this.nerdletSchema is undefined"

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I’m in the process of setting up log shipping in a couple of hosts to New Relic, using a mix of file sources and systemd/journald units.

Shipping works fine, but in new relic web interface, when I click on a journald message, I end up with an error page with the error message:

“Platform Error Boundary - this.nerdletSchema is undefined”

Any insight on what might be causing this ?

Please describe how you are forwarding log information to New Relic, which plugin are you using, and are you seeing any errors when doing so?

Hi @jawher.moussa - Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

We recently changed the Log Detail view to a nerdlet and this feature was behind a feature flag that we found hadn’t been turned on for the EU region. We have since turned it on which allows for the nerdlet to render the correct Log detail view.

Do you happen to be on an EU account? If so, this should be resolved now. However please let me know if you’re still seeing this error and I’ll spin up a Support ticket to take a closer look.


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