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Cloned Servers Stay Active But Source Servers Become NOT REPORTING (DEV-839)



Hello, another admin cloned a bunch of Windows servers that had New Relic Server Agent installed and says he sysprepped the clones, but about a week or so after doing this I see probably every original source server get reported as “Not Reporting” every few hours and some servers quickly became “Hidden” in the New Relic RPM site.

We’re running the latest Windows Agent (

Is this a known issue? Could the sysprepping been done wrong?


Hi there @bgaudreault - welcome back to the community!

I want to be sure that you are aware that our Servers product will reach End of Life on May 15:

If this is a configuration issue, we may be able to help you out. However, if this is a bug, no development work will be done due to the EOL.

If you could please provide a permalink to your Servers page, we can take a look and see what we can do.


Thanks for getting back to me! Yeah, I’m aware the Server Agent will go away in the next month (:disappointed:), but I was still tasked to figure out why these weird issues are happening so I can know if I should look elsewhere. Only New Relic seems to be “showing” the issue, but I wouldn’t want something else (i.e. not New Relic) to cause other unseen issues![end]=1523485562&tw[start]=1515709562[end]=1523485749&tw[start]=1515709749


Hello, are you able to provide an update on this issue? It has been 3 business days since I heard anything.


Hi @bgaudreault,

The links you sent are from servers that stopped reporting a few days ago and the agent does not seem to be running on those at the moment.
Is this expected or you were waiting to see those reporting now?

Sysprepping shouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t set any pre populated variables (other then the license key).

Could you please validate my thoughts above and we’ll take it from there.
We might need to bring you to a ticket for further investigation.



Hi, the Server Agent is running on these servers (The servers never stopped running!) and I have restarted the Server Agent, but it’s still not reporting back to New Relic, which is what I’m expecting.

One thing I have not done is restart any of the problem servers to see if that would fix the issue. These are Production servers.

Would sysprepping be an issue if it didn’t change the Local Machine SID, along with other possible settings it didn’t change?



Hello, are you able to provide an update on this issue? It has been 2 business days since I heard anything.


Hello, are you able to provide an update on this issue? It has been 5 business days since I heard anything.


Hey there, @bgaudreault! As you can imagine, it takes us a little while to troubleshoot each and every case with the focus and care required. Thanks for your patience: your play-by-play timestamp messages were entertaining. Just know, we did not forget about you. :wink:

I can see you are using a windows server monitor so I think it would be best to collect some logs in order to try and move forward with a solution. I will be connecting you privately to our Support Engineers so you can discuss further.

Look out for my email! :e-mail:

And be sure to update us all here in this thread when you get all sorted! Thanks!


Hi all,

Just to follow up on this, we found some errors that could indicate that TLS settings were not configured properly to allow the systems to communicate with New Relic servers.:

NewRelic.ServerMonitor.exe System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. ---> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation

More info on how to configure these settings:

Another possibility is that this was a certificate issue. If the below test fails, it could indicate that a required certificate either on the web server or proxy server (if being used) will need to be updated.

You will need the DigiCert Global Root CA certificate. You can use this resource to confirm you’re utilizing the correct certificate.

You can also verify this is the issue by testing this endpoint in Powershell:

Invoke-WebRequest -Verbose -Uri

Finally, you can also try disabling SSL on the agent.

Servers for Windows includes a Configuration utility shortcut in the Windows Start menu’s New Relic Server Monitor folder. Use the Configuration utility to:

  • Stop or restart the Servers for Windows monitoring service.

  • Create labels and categories to manage groups of servers.

  • Use SSL when communicating with the New Relic collector.

  • Specify a different logging level.

  • Configure a proxy URL by using the HTTP proxy address, user name, and password.

I hope that helps anyone else experiencing similar errors.



RESOLVED - FYI, it’s highly like because of SSL updates on New Relic’s end on April 9, 2018 (SSL Certificate Update for - FAQs) and since we’re still running Windows 2003 Server, that a Symantnec Root Certificate change caused our issues, which I first noticed and documented on April 10th.

I don’t believe Windows 2003 Server is receiving any more SSL Root certificate updates, so it likely doesn’t have a new valid SSL Root certificate to use for the New Relic Server Agent.

The only options are to load a valid SSL Root certificate (New Relic suggested trying “DigiCert Global Root CA” from OR use the instructions for “disabling SSL” in the New Relic Server Agent as mentioned in the previous post.

I consider this issue resolved.