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Cloud Adoption Solution: Migrate and Validate Cloud Improvements


Migrate and Validate Cloud Improvements

We can’t express strongly enough how important it is going to be for you to validate what your cloud adoption steps are doing (or not doing) for your environment. By detailing improvements that can be measured as a result of your cloud integration, you are validating your hard work, and a potential big business win.


Pre-change: Determine metrics that can be captured that can be baselined. Ideally, these metrics are something that can be measured after the migration. Examples: number of deploys or number of new applications delivered over a given time. These metrics may need to be manually captured.

Post change: Define a Dashboard that contains widgets for each metric that has been identified.

See example dashboard below:

Recommended Outcome

Create an Insights dashboard that includes widgets detailing various improvements that happened as a result of your migration. The goal is to be able to show these improvements over time—what a perfect use for Insights. Some examples would be: improving metrics like Apdex scores, response time, or cloud spend, corresponding to the use of advanced cloud services (auto scale up/down, Lambda/functions, etc.).


Transaction time
Cloud spend
HTTP response time
Error rate

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