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Cloud Adoption Solution: Migrate with Acceptance Testing


Migrate: Perform Migration Acceptance Testing

Prove success! (or lack thereof) by comparing on-premises application baselines against cloud application baselines. You can use multiple baselines for comparison if multiple products were used to baseline your on-premises application.


As you complete each milestone in your cloud migration, compare the baselines of your applications against their previous baselines. For the final acceptance test at the end of your migrations, compare the on-premise baselines against the final migrated cloud baselines. Keep reading for the easy to follow steps of acceptance testing.

New Relic recommends creating application baselines before continuing this procedure, so click over to this post before continuing with the steps.

Four Steps for Testing

  1. Gather existing on-premise baselines

  2. Compare baselines after you migrate

  3. Create dashboards to track migration results

  4. Uncover issues

Recommended Outcomes

Just like you can see in the image above, we recommend setting up one Insights Dashboard for each migrated application showing both the pre and post migration baselines for easy comparison.

Create KPI based widgets in Insights

Based on the New Relic products you have used, keep an eye on these potential key indicators:


Perform Migration: Acceptance Testing Documentation

Expert tip for ensuring a successful migration

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Example dashboard:

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