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Cloud Adoption Solution: Plan by Prioritizing Your Migration Order


Plan: Prioritize Your Migration Order

The business will certainly dictate much of how you prioritize which applications need to be moved to the cloud first. But there are technical implications as well. Not all your applications will be in good health, and moving them to the cloud might only make things worse.


You should verify that the application or applications and their underlying server infrastructure are candidates for a cloud migration. Determining which applications are cloud migration ready will allow for a more focused application migration priority list.

Steps for Prioritizing Migration Order

1. Identify the application or applications and their underlying server infrastructure that are in scope for a migration
2. Deploy and configure Application Performance Management (APM)
3. Deploy and configure Infrastructure to the underlying application server infrastructure
4. If previous unknown application dependencies or server infrastructure are uncovered, repeat from step 2

Additional step as necessary:

  1. Use APM to uncover any errors or issues with your applications
  2. Create a Dashboard that contains widgets for each application to show application and infrastructure baselines

Recommended Outcome

We recommend that you develop a visual representation of applications and the underlying server infrastructure that has been instrumented in the form of an APM Health map. These applications have proven that they are cloud ready. Use this view to help create a prioritize application migration list.

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