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Cloud Adoption Solution: Plan with Application Baselining


Plan: Application Baselining

Establishing a baseline and validating performance is a key step to migrating to the cloud. If you aren’t sure exactly where you are in the planning phase, how will you know if things are going smoothly as you start to migrate? We encourage you to utilize New Relic’s tools in your planning phase, including utilizing dashboards and other baselining metrics, so you can set firm KPIs for when you actually make the move.


A baseline is a measurement of your current performance and availability of your application to use as a starting point. You can use this baseline as a comparison after your migration. Creating baselines before you move to the cloud means that you can track issues during your cloud adoption and demonstrate improvement and success afterwards.

Five Steps for Creating a Baseline

  1. Identify the application components that are in scope for a cloud migration

  2. Determine compatibility for each target application (Can you deploy an agent or not?)

  3. Deploy and configure the products to monitor based on level of instrumentation

  4. Develop application KPI model and gather metrics

  5. Define a Dashboard that contains widgets to show current state

Recommended Outcomes

We recommend you create an Insights Dashboard that shows you and your team the current state of your KPIs (see below!). Additionally, you can set cloud based targets based on your current on-prem baselines.

Possible KPIs

After you deploy the agents and monitors, identify which metrics are the most important to your business and use these metrics to define your KPIs. Some recommendations include:


Plan Your Cloud Adoption: Create Application Baselines

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