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Cloud Adoption Solution: Plan with Identification of Application Dependencies & Inventory


Plan: Identification of Application Dependencies & Inventory

Your applications are more than just code in a set of files - they are part of an ecosystem. understanding how each component is reliant on another is a key part of any successful cloud migration. Mapping those dependencies will make more it more likely that you get all the right pieces in all the right places from the get-go.


You should understand the depth and breadth of your applications and services’ architecture scoped for a cloud migration. Uncover your applications connections and dependencies, including databases and external services which will reduce the possibility of missed interdependencies during the migration.

Steps for Identifying Application Dependencies & Inventory

  1. Identify the application or applications that are in scope for a migration
  2. Deploy and configure Application Performance Management (APM), and Infrastructure
  3. Use the Service Map feature to create a visual, customizable representation of your application architecture
  4. Use Infrastructure to inventory underlining instances
  5. If previous unknown application dependencies are uncovered, repeat from step 2

Additional steps as necessary:

  1. Use APM to uncover any errors or issues with your applications
  2. Create a Dashboard that contains widgets for each application to show application baselines

Recommended Outcomes

We recommend you create an Insights Dashboard showing applications, inventory, and current state KPIs

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