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Cloud Adoption Solution: Run by Monitoring Cloud Services


Run: Monitor Your Cloud :cloud: Services

Once you are up and running in the cloud, we recommend you monitor, query, and alert on usage metrics and errors within your cloud environment, including services based in multiple regions and availability zones.


  1. Identify key cloud services, applications, and their underlying server infrastructure that are in scope for monitoring
  2. If not already done, deploy Infrastructure agent on at least one instance, after you have read the requirements
  3. Configure cloud integration
  4. Define a Dashboard to contain widgets for each cloud service as necessary and/or use the pre-built integration Dashboards
  5. Define alerts including baseline alerts for cloud based metrics

Additional steps as necessary:
6. Deploy additional New Relic applications as needed in order to gain full-stack visibility
7. Create a Dashboard that contains widgets for each application
to show application and integration services side by side (as seen in the image above)

Recommended Outcome

Insights Dashboards showing cloud based services as well as application metrics as needed:

The following dashboard shows average CPU per instance tier, instances per region, cost by instance type, response time by browser, and forecasted cloud cost:


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