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Cloud Adoption Solution: Run While Optimizing Customer Experience


Run: Optimize Customer Experience :couple:

You have been running in the cloud for awhile now, or you just completed your migration from on-premise to the cloud. You have gone through your planning stages, identified your dependencies, tested your assumptions, and everything is looking great. But there are still some big questions:

How are your customers experiencing your service?

  • Did the performance of your front-end applications improve, or did performance stay the same?
  • Or did it worsen in ways you did not expect?

Arguably the most important point we make in our cloud adoption series: how to improve end-user experience for cloud application.

With New Relic you can provide a Dashboard to showcase improvements in your customer’s experience. The underlying work for this may be carried out through the Application Refactoring process. However, for this thread, the focus is on the customer facing experience. This should be done within a development environment so a comparison can be displayed.


  1. Identify application scoped for improvement - availability percentage, average duration, page load time, throughput, apdex, and response time
  2. If not already done, deploy and configure Browser and Synthetics to monitor the customer facing web front end. And don’t forget Mobile for applications that use the cloud as the back end
  3. Identify relevant metrics (of course these will be based on your industry)
  4. Create a Dashboard showing metrics for both the current production environment and the updated development environment related to customer experience (see dashboard example above with the ‘before’ and ‘after’)

Recommended Outcomes

An Insights Dashboard that provides an at-a-glance status of customer’s experience metrics comparing the updated application to the current production one.


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