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Cloud Adoption Solution: Run with Cloud Spend Optimization


Run: Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Capture, understand, and use cloud spend :cloud: collected data to monitor the progress of your application’s optimization.


Now that you are using cloud-hosted infrastructure and services, it is important to start looking very early and very closely at your cloud spend. New Relic can help you:

  • Make sure that your assumptions about your cloud spend are playing out as expected
  • Quickly catch and correct any unexpected spikes in spending
  • Start fine-tuning the usage of your cloud-based resources

Five Steps to Optimize Your Cloud Spend

  1. If not already done, deploy Infrastructure to at least one instance

  2. Configure the AWS Infrastructure integration

  3. Set up billing budgets in AWS

  4. Include cloud budget widgets within Insights Dashboard

  5. Set up Alerts (optional, but also sorta not optional)

Recommended Outcomes

Ideally, all levels within your organization will have visibility to the actual, forecasted, and total cloud spend KPIs corresponding to your applications.

Developers: We want you to have a full understanding of what applications are currently costing. That way you can help to properly configure applications to use more efficient services. Examples: Lambda and properly sized instances.

Operators: Monitoring application costs will allow you to catch possible overruns due to misconfigured services. Example: auto scaling configuration not scaling down properly.

Executive: An overall view of both actual and forecasted cloud spend for both individual applications and total costs will allow for better business decisions. :100:


Optimizing Cloud Spend Documentation

A complete guide in our documentation including sample dashboards.

Reducing your cloud integration Cloudwatch bill

Increase polling intervals and adding filters to just poll the important stuff.

Documentation on adding filters and reducing polling intervals

This really comes in handy for reducing your Cloudwatch bill as you target specific areas rather than your whole cloud for integrations. Enabling cloud integrations can dramatically increase your Cloudwatch bill, so taking these measures is important!

Troubleshooting Cloudwatch

Some specific documentation on troubleshooting Cloudwatch billing issues.

Example dashboard:

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