Collaborate with the New Relic docs team

Hello New Relic Explorers!

As a tech writer at New Relic, I’m really proud when I hear that a doc helped somebody out… And we know that sometimes not every doc is doing what it needs to do. Now that New Relic has embraced open source, you can contribute directly to our docs with suggestions and updates. Your input is invaluable to help us strengthen our docs!

We’ve made it very easy to collaborate with us. From any doc in, on the top right corner, you’ll find a Create issue and Edit page buttons.


Get in touch with us by filing an issue with your comments, or edit the page yourself. Either way, a docs team member will review your feedback, and will touch base with you to complete the process and get the updates live.

And for detailed instructions on editing docs, see Create and edit content.

Thanks for being part of the Docs team!