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Collection from the Datastore doesn't show in APM "collection"



Hi, When I use the go pkg’s Datastore struct and set a Collection, it shows under APM as part of the name of the db operation list, and the collection column just says “all”. Is there a fix coming for this?


Greetings, We would like to investigate this behavior with you. To get started we could use some additional detail to make sure we fully understand what you are seeing.

Please provide a permalink to the application where you are seeing the datastore data. To create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface, scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Permalink’ option.


Hey @Gaillard! Eager to make sure this gets all sorted for you. Have you been able to make any progress? Either on your own or with our support experts so far? Let us know! :blush:


Issue above is still there just showing “all” all the time for Collection.

However there is a related issue:

For example in the there is Product, DatabaseName, Collection, Operation. But under the database overview in the APM it appears to build text out of only Product(space)Collection(space)Operation. So if you have 2 or 3 databases of the same Product that have common “table” names (Collection) it is impossible to differentiate unless looking at a trace where the DatabaseName is shown.

To get around this issue we will have to abandon using DatabaseName and prefix the Collection with the database name. Or we have to put a separate Product per database. Is anything planned to address this or no?


Hi @Gaillard, there was a support ticket opened for you but i’ll go ahead and open another one and help you troubleshoot this issue further :slight_smile: