Columns on Synth Monitor Failures Page

For years my Synthetics->Monitor->someMonitor->Failures page would contain columns like:
Location|Start Time|End Time (if done)|Duration

Now, for unknown reason, it contains:

Would be grateful if anyone knows why this occurred, and if possible to revert?

Thanks, Avery

Hi @Avery.Salmon - We recently made some changes that separates Alerts from the Synthetics UI.

Failures still show up in the Synthetics UI, but, alert condition details no longer do.

There were a few reasons for this change, including that the old setup was encouraging some bad Alerting practices. The Synthetics view only included one of three types of available synthetics condition types - meaning that not many people were getting value from more condition types.

If you look to Synthetics Monitors in the New Relic One UI you will see the condition violations in the same view as the monitor itself.

Thanks Ryan, very much appreciate your response. We really only Alert (to Pager Duty and Slack) via NRQL queries (If X failures over Y minutes.). However, it was very convenient to see the start/end of an Alert under the Synth->Monitor.

However, even in New Relic One UI I still do not see any Conditions, or Condition Violations. I see Failures (both on Summary page and under Failures, of course), but that is all.

How can I be sure that my Monitor has any Conditions? In the old UI there was an 'Add Alert" button, but that is certainly not there.

Thanks Again, Avery

Hi @Avery.Salmon

Appreciate your feedback! Seeing whether or not there are conditions can be difficult from the monitor UI. I’ll make sure the relevant internal team sees your desire for that functionality to return.

For violations however, in the New Relic One UI (if you have the Show New View toggle selected), you will see violations and latest information on the right hand side:

Here’s a monitor in my account: