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Coming to {Future}Stack 16 in San Francisco? Introduce Yourself!



{Future}Stack is upon us! @lculver and I are excited to meet our community members face to face. In fact, we’re SO excited that we just can’t wait! If you are going to {Future}Stack, tell us a little about yourself here. Then we can get right to the good conversation when we finally see each other…

Tell us about you:

Share any or all of these suggested details:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Where you work
  • Your job title
  • Is there a New Relic employee you want to meet?
  • Cake or pie?

We’ll start!

Here’s a little about your community Team:

  • I’m Holly Ross, and I live in Portland and run Community for New Relic. I am really excited to meet Lee Aitchison. I always choose pie. WHY IS THERE NO PIE EMOJI?
  • And I’m Lindsay Culver and I live in Portland and run Community for New Relic. I’m excited to meet Virginette, our social media manager, in person! I also choose pie. Here is a pie gif for you:

Your turn!

Just reply to this post and tell us about you!


I’m Phil Weber from Portland, Oregon. I’m a senior technical trainer (means I’ve been doing it a long time, not that I’m elderly) with New Relic University; I teach customers how to use our products. I got to meet @stefan_garnham at FutureStack London, so my bucket list is now complete. I like Pi: π


Thanks Phil. I definitely always think of you as youthful!


Bill Sammons from Dow Jones in beautiful Princeton, New Jersey. I am the Head of Content Enrichment in IT and am a fan of all NewRelic products but Insights especially. I lead a technology team and make Insights dashboards in my spare time :smiley: I consider myself a NRQL-head and Data Nerd. Cake over Pie. And I am looking forward to discussing NewRelic’s Autism at Work program with Marion Long


Hi, @bill.sammons: …and a Flyers fan, apparently. :slight_smile: Look forward to meeting you next week!


Hi! I’m Stephen Weber. I live and work (remotely) in Eugene, Oregon for Jive Software, where I think my current title is Performance Engineer.

I’ve already got plans for all the NR employees that I work with but I’m hoping to say hello to Aaron Johnson and hear how his new digs are treating him.

The last question. My birthday “cake” has always been pie, does that answer it?


That totally answers the question Stephen! But now I need to know: what kind of pie? (related: why is there no pie emoji?)


Donnell Baker from Sammamish, WA. Shout out to Oliver Glenn and Sara Rice from New Relic who are my idols


Thanks Donnell - I love that the PacNW is representing today!


Also representing: People named Weber!


Hola! I’m Ernesto Mendoza from Mexico City; full time bug buster, programmer, and Head of Tech at Menta Network, the New Relic Partner in MX.
Looking forward to meet you all over apple pie :smiley:


Hello, I’m Devon Hillard, I live North of Boston. I am a co-founder of Spark::red, an eCommerce managed hosting provider. I’d love to meet all the NR employees! Cake AND Pie!

Super psyched for FutureStack, my favorite conference!


Thanks everyone! We’re in the final countdown now! Don’t forget to come by the community lounge where we will also have Legos galore to build with.


Hello! This is Shan from GE Digital- San Ramon, CA. I help the teams here to make their products run smarter and faster as Seasoned Performance Engineer, I call my self as a New relic nerd user for crunching and banging my head on New relic data on daily basis. I LOVE New Relic for the Insights I get and makes me smarter on some hard to find performance problems in no time. I am super charged for FutureStack. Cake and Pi(e).

I love to see the new Infrastructure metrics coming up and try to meet the team behind it on this feat accomplishment.


Hey, My name is Casey Becking. I currently live in Southern California and work for Rackspace on the Critical Application Support Team. Our main job is to give the client that extra level of support around their ecommerce application. My Goal for the conference is to be able to learn as much as possible about how to use new relic to better understand the times at which we need to scale and how to take the metrics directly from the system and make logic based decision for scalability based on those. I’m a huge fan of cake! Also looking to connect and have intelligent conversations with any one (preferably over a beer or two). Cheers!


See you tomorrow @casey.becking. Don’t forget to come by the community space!


It’s here! {Future}Stack is here! Don’t forget to come by the Community Lounge and look for @Linds! She’s got your complete Lego prize pack!