Community Spotlight: Andrew Walker

I’m excited to share this month’s Explorer, @AndrewWalker. Andrew has been a community member since 2017 and in that time he’s been one of our most prolific sources of product ideas! Although we can only ever implement a fraction of the ideas you all come up with, we love seeing them, and they truly do shape the product. Please join me in thanking @AndrewWalker

Meet Andrew Walker

A proud husband and father of 2, I used to row, now I will often be found cycling the 24km into work. In my free time I love to cook and doing arts and crafts with my family, and at work I love tinkering with things to make them better.

Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
A: Wars :flashlight:

Q: What type of keyboard do you prefer
A: Any old QWERTY will do :keyboard:

Q: Favorite Text Editor?
A: Atom :atom:

Q: Who wins the phone war in your house?
A: Android :robot:

Q: Mac, PC, or Linux?
A: Linux

Q: Project planning preference?
A: Agile

Thanks @AndrewWalker!

You can spread the love too! If you have been helped by a community member, please nominate them for a community spotlight profile! Just message your trusty community moderators: @Linds or @hross.


Hi Andrew,
thanks for the info. It’s great to meet someone here, who is also cycling everyday a considerable distance to office. I enjoy the same.

Kind regards