Community Spotlight: Elizabeth Beach

We love posting a new Community Spotlight feature each month because we get to show off all the folks who do amazing things to make your community experience better. This time around, we get the chance to feature a brand new member of Team Community here at New Relic, @ebeach.

Elizabeth joined @linds and I in January with the goal of helping all our Explorers find and share the information they need in the Community. We’re working together to make sure you get personalized, relevant, and helpful communications. Please help us welcome @ebeach to the community:

Meet Elizabeth Beach

Hi! :wave: I’m Elizabeth and I’m passionate about communication and technology which is why I’m stoked to be working on an email program for the New Relic Online Community. When I’m not literally sending email for a living I’m spending time with my husband, almost 1 year old daughter, 4 cats and a dog.

Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
A: Trek

Q: What type of keyboard do you prefer
A: Any old QWERTY will do :keyboard:

Q: Favorite Text Editor?
A: Notepad ++ :spiral_notepad:

Q: Who wins the phone war in your house?
A: Android :robot:

Q: Mac, PC, or Linux?
A: Mac :green_apple:

Q: Project planning preference?
A: Anything, as long as there is a plan!

Thanks @ebeach and welcome to our team!

You can spread the love too! If you have been helped by a community member, please nominate them for a community spotlight profile! Just message your trusty community moderators: @Linds or @hross.