Community Spotlight: Irvin Cardenas

We :sparkling_heart: highlighting the people who make this community such an informative and fun place to spend time. These folks give so much of their time and knowledge, and we’re happy to shine the spotlight on them.

This month, we wanted to turn the spotlight on a community member who has been really great at asking lots of questions, and even better about marking solutions that everyone else can benefit from. Check out yet another remarkable community member, @icardenas:

Meet Irvin Cardenas

I’ve been using New Relic for 6 months now and enjoying the lovely support people and helpful community. I worked in IT for over 5 years now starting from WP Intern >> Software Engr >> T1 Support then SRE where I first used New Relic. On weekends, you’ll find me playing ukulele, piano, basketball or roaming around Auckland. When I’m on call, you’ll see me checking New Relic on weekends. :wink:

Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
A: No Stars (What @icardenas? We don’t understand! :wink: )

Q: What type of keyboard do you prefer
A: Ergonomic :keyboard:

Q: Favorite Text Editor?
A: Visual Studio Code

Q: Who wins the phone war in your house?
A: Android for Display​:robot: , iPhone for speed :wind_blowing_face: :green_apple:

Q: Mac, PC, or Linux?
A: PC for work, Mac for personal

Q: Project planning preference?
A: Agile

Thanks @icardenas!

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