Community Spotlight: Manas Khanna

We :sparkling_heart: highlighting the people who make this community such an informative and fun place to spend time. These folks give so much of their time and knowledge, and we’re happy to shine the spotlight on them.

In this particular case, we’re turning the spotlight on one of the most active new users, Manas Khanna. He dove right in and has been busy helping and cheering us all on ever since. Check out this amazing New Relic Explorer, @Mkhanna:

Meet Manas Khanna

Hi, I recently started using New Relic for APM and BPM, and has been a good experience so far. Recently using Synthetics to perfom lot of scripted testing and monitoring. I am running the implementation at enterprise level and so far so good.

Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
A: Wars :rocket:

Q: What type of keyboard do you prefer
A: Mechanical

Q: Favorite Text Editor?
A: Notepad ++ :spiral_notepad:

Q: Who wins the phone war in your house?
A: iPhone :green_apple:

Q: Mac, PC, or Linux?
A: Linux :penguin:

Q: Project planning preference?
A: Waterfall :sweat_drops:

Thanks @Mkhanna

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Hi @hross/@Linds

Thank you means a lot.

and thanks to all the awesome people in NR group for all the support and help.