Community Spotlight: Ryan Veitch

Our Explorers Hub team is growing here at New Relic! We are very pleased to announce that @RyanVeitch, who has been a part of our technical support org for quite some time now, will bring his expertise and humor here to the community full time. We’re thrilled that you all will get to work with Ryan more closely, and are especially pleased that Ryan is based in our Dublin office, so those of you who work in that part of the world won’t have to wait 8-12 hours for @linds, @ebeach, and myself to get ourselves to work before you get a response. So please join me in welcoming @RyanVeitch to the team!

Meet Ryan Veitch

Hi! I’m Ryan :slight_smile: I’ve spent the last 2+ years in the New Relic support organisation. Starting on account based support requests later focussing in on the Synthetics/Insights/Alerts realm. If you filed a support ticket in the last 2 years, you may have seen me there.

Starting in July 2018 I’ll be shifting to the Community team, so you’ll start to see more of me around here. I’m stoked to get started on the community, working with @hross, @linds, and @ebeach, as well as all of you.

Some on the outside of work part of my life; I love going to the movies, watching every single thing on Netflix, watching every Formula 1 race and screaming at my TV, hanging out in coffee shops at weekends with friends, and eating an unfathomable amount of jelly beans.

Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
A: Other: I’m a fan of both really. Within the Star Trek realm, TNG > TOS…

Q: What type of keyboard do you prefer
A: Mechanical

Q: Favorite Text Editor?
A: Sublime text

Q: Who wins the phone war in your house?
A: Other: Another case of I like both… no seriously, in the past 3 years I’ve had 3 android phones, and 2 iPhones.

Q: Mac, PC, or Linux?
A: Mac :green_apple:

Q: Project planning preference?
A: Agile

Thanks @RyanVeitch!

You can spread the love too! If you have been helped by a community member, please nominate them for a community spotlight profile! Just message your trusty community moderators: @Linds or @hross.


I’m so excited to join the Community Team :smiley:


Welcome to your new community role @RyanVeitch.

Now I know who to poke during UK hours :grin::point_right:

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Cheers, @stefan_garnham -
I’m not sure if I should be excited or scared by that prospect… No difficult questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, I won’t be asking the questions. Just adding your tag into posts to highlight someone needs assistance :smile:


Sounds good! I’m looking forward to it

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Sorry for the delay! I’ve been away, however congratulations @RyanVeitch ! You’ll be sorely missed on support however as @stefan_garnham mentioned earlier you should probably expect to be tagged in the future :wink:

All the best.


p.s. Mac over Linux? Poor show…

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Cheers @adwwhitehead

I’d choose Linux over Windows any day though, is that any consolation?

It’s more a case of; I’ve never owned a machine where software and hardware work so impeccably and smoothly until I got a MacBook, so that’s my driving factor. The mac battery life is insanely good too. Also, I’m a big X-Plane player, while it runs on Linux & Windows, I’ve had the best X-Plane experience on Mac.
Let’s not argue about that though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks though for your kind words, I sure did enjoy my time as a Tech Support Engineer and you were always a pleasure to work with in Support tickets, but also happy for the new challenge, and potentially working with you over here as well. :smiley: