Compare With showing higher percentage value


I am trying to compare today data count with yesterday in New Relic Query

SELECT uniqueCount(UserId) AS 'Unique Login' FROM PageAction WHERE appName = 'Something' AND actionName='UserLogin' since today COMPARE WITH 1 day ago

For today my UniqueCount of UserId is 4
For Yesterday my UniqueCount of UserId was 7

The output from above Query is 4 and increment of 300%

As we compare the output, yesterday data count is more than today so why the percentage is so high for today (300%)?
It should show decrement in percentage as yesterday count is high as compare to today. Please help me to know how it works. Thank you

Hi @irfanit.18

Thank you for reaching out with this request.

so the 300% increase is the difference todays value to yesterdays value. IE today is 4, but yesterday has 3 more than today. therefore the difference is 300%. Its down toe the semantics of how the Since statement compares things. It would use today as the starting value, anything greater/ less then that would be the difference.

You might be able to use Since Yesterday compare with today