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Complete list of a Policy (or policies) and the associated conditions - the easy way


So…you can look at a policy and see some of the conditions within the policy. This is fine unless you are doing a audit. Is there a way to get a complete list of all policies? And is there a way to get a complete list of the conditions within a policy?

I would expect that something exists that would allow us to do this or at least list more than 50 in a single page as we have policies that have more than 50 conditions in them. After spending some time in the Insights console playing with the different queries, I did not see a way to even pull that data from there.

Is this implemented in some other section or is there a query that would return conditions based on the policy you are looking at? I guess I am mainly trying to find a way to the data without having to dig through each policy to see the conditions one at a time for auditing…

Thanks in advance to any guidance that can be provided :slight_smile:


Hi, @Wren: Have you tried the REST API?


No I have not, @philweber. I had tried using that for other work (creation of policies) but I have not actually had it work. I have a version of CURL that is missing the SSL compiled into which caused the call to the REST API to fail…

…That would be the direction to go in order to grab that data?

Thanks too :slight_smile:


That is what I would suggest, yes. Are you on Windows? You can use PowerShell instead of curl.


I will give that a shot then with PowerShell…I would like to get that working anyway for other work I am trying to preform…I will update tomorrow with my success :smiley:


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