Config alert for AKS autoscaling failures, out of memory termination of pods and node alerts

How to configure alerts for aks autoscaling failures , out of memory termiation of pods and node alerts in newrelic

Please help me to confiure alerts for aks node autoscaling failures and out of memory alerts using new relic , please provide us procedure

Hi @mukthadeer.mohammed,

Welcome to the Explorers Hub and thank you for reaching out!

A support team member will review and provide you with assistance soon. In the meantime, I recommend reviewing the following on alerts, how to create them and best practices.

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@mukthadeer.mohammed The docs that @tpaul1 shared are spot on for helping you configure the alerts and would have been exactly what our support team would have sent to help as well. Lets us know how that setup goes for you :slight_smile:

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