Config sailsjs for newrelic

Could somebody who worked with sailsjs help me config newrelic for sailsjs?
I read many articles but nothing helps!

The app already shows in newrelic dashboard but no data is collected.
Here is some reference i used:

I am using sailsjs v0.10.5

Hey @depkz6by34p! Have you seen this awesome tutorial?

That should help you get up and running :slight_smile: If you still run into problems after following that please let us know what errors or symptoms you’re seeing.

Thank you!

Thank you for your answer. The tutorial you give me is the same as i posted!
The problem is newrelic still recognize my app but no data is reported!

Here is some messages from local log file:
“msg”:“Not creating segment “dns.lookup” because no transaction was active”,
“msg”:“Finished receiving data back from the collector for metric_data.”,
“msg”:“Deserialized from collector:”,
“msg”:“No new metric mappings from server.”

:blush: Yikes, my apologies @depkz6by34p. Thanks for posting those log messages, I am going to investigate this and we’ll get back to you soon. :slight_smile: