Configuration for a single azure website with multiple virtual applications

I have existing newRelic account.

I have a single azure website with the following 3 virtual applications:

  1. / -> site\wwwroot
  2. /foo -> site\wwwroot\foo
  3. /bar -> site\wwwroot\bar

nothing is being deployed to 1st vurtual application(root)
I do not want anything reporting from root site(website diagnostics and extensions run there)

foo and bar are deployed independently.
foo and bar virtual apps need to be instrumented. (I would prefer for two apps to have independant newrelic configuration)

What is the recommended way for me to achieve this.

@alex.kushnir the best way to do this is to use the .NET agent API to invoke and name the virtual sites you want profiled. This means you will still need to install the agent for the root site using one of the methods outline in this document. Once done, edit the settings for the site and set COR_ENABLE_PROFILING to 0. The rest of the instructions for invoking the agent and naming the virtual applications can be found on the following page:

With COR_ENABLE_PROFILING turned off, only the sites that specifically invoke the agent will actually be profiled.