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Configure newrelic-infra sampling rate



Is there a way to configure the newrelic-infra’s sampling rate?
Looks like it’s sampling every 15 seconds.



Hi @federico.boerr,

Can you give me a few more details? Are you trying to adjust the sampling frequency of an on-host integration?

You can set the sampling frequency of any integration on the config.yaml file of each of your integrations.

Note that, by default, we suggest not have sampling frequencies over 50 seconds as it may impact alerting capabilities, but, depending on your use case, it may be totally feasible having wider intervals.

Let us know your specific scenario and we’ll be happy to advise.



@ccastro thanks for the reply.
This is when running the kubernetes on-host integration.
Can that value be configured through environment variable?
How does the configuration look like? Do you have a pointer to the docs?



Hi @federico.boerr, there are a few different

  • metrics_process_sample_rate - sample rate for process metrics in seconds - Default: 10

  • metrics_system_sample_rate - sample rate for system metrics in seconds - Default: 5

  • metrics_storage_sample_rate - sample rate for storage metrics in seconds - Default: 5

  • metrics_network_sample_rate - sample rate for network metrics in seconds - Default: 5

As Carlos stated, do not set any of these above 50s. Set to -1 to disable.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: