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Conflicting New Relic go-agent License Information



I noticed that the go-agent license in github ( has additional language that is not included in the go-agent license on ( .

I am specifically referencing this section (included in the GitHub version but not on the New Relic site):

In the event you submit or provide any feedback, code, pull requests, or suggestions to New Relic you hereby grant New Relic a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferrable, fully paid-up license to use the code, algorithms, patents, and ideas therein in our products.

Can you please let me know which version is accurate?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.



Hey jspec!

When a customer provides feedback to New Relic regarding one of our products, New Relic reserves the ability to use that information to improve our products for our entire customer base.

We receive feedback in many forms; some examples being discussions with New Relic Support, customer feedback surveys, and Feature Idea discussions on our Explorer’s Hub. Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of potential feedback channels. If code was included in feedback provided, it would fall into this same scenario.

All of this is to say - we want to use your great ideas to help improve New Relic for everyone!


Hey Ike - I was replying to your response by email but I don’t see it connected with this string so I wanted to follow up here in case you were not receiving it. I have pasted the follow-up questions below:

3/1/18: Ike - I completely appreciate New Relic’s desire to continually update its product to better serve its customer base - and customer feedback is a great source for ideas.

I did have a quick follow-up question - How is the individual notified if/when their feedback from any channel will be incorporated into the product?


I followed up on 3/13/18.


Hey jspec!

Typically, we see feedback in the form of feature requests, so we will do our best to update the requester with how we are implementing that feedback in a future release. The product and marketing teams also make regular updates here in the community about new features that are available and when a new solution to an old/long thread is now available.

Thanks for your follow up question!