Confluent cloud metrics

Is there support to query Confluent cloud metrics endpoint(HTTP) and store it in newrelic. One option is to use ccloudexporter to convert the metrics to Prometheus, but wanted to check if there are other options. Also is there a dashboard to support confluent cloud metrics?

Hi, @vai-ksubramanian: You may be able to use the Flex integration to query the Confluent cloud metrics API and send the data to New Relic. Failing that, you may use the Integrations SDK to create your own integration.

There are not any existing dashboards to view Confluent cloud metrics. If you implement one of the above suggestions, come back and let us know; we can help you create a dashboard to view the data.

Hi @philweber , Thanks for getting back, Is there a good example of Flex yml for querying a HTTP endpoint with authentication(username/password). Im planning to run the agent in a kubernetes cluster.


Actually I might have found one here

base_url: http://localhost:9200/
user: elastic
pass: 3l4st1c
accept: application/json

Hi @philweber , I was able to use the flex agent and I see the metrics in the Data Explorer, it would be great if you can help with the dashboard, FYI: There is a grafana dashboard for Confluent metrics

We are happy to help you create a dashboard, but we are not going to create it for you. :slight_smile: Let us know if you get stuck or have specific questions.