Connecting disconnected dots in graph

Im working on below query,
SELECT average(ABC.percentiles) from XYZMetric where percentile in (90,95,99) TIMESERIES FACET percentile since 1 hour ago
here when I select any timeseries to show graph, im getting disconnected dots, that I need to convert into connected line. Same query structure gave connected line graph from datadog,
First image shows output of new relic dashboard
Second image shows output from Datadog dashboard
need help to reform this query or adding something that can solve my problem.Thanks
Screenshot%20(38) Screenshot%20(39)

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Hi @Kiran.Kumar3 - I think this is explained on the documentation.

Where exactly in the documentation?

From the linked documentation:

If your hosts all have approximately the same throughput, Datadog’s average aggregation and NR’s throughput-weighted aggregation yield similar numbers, but if the throughput is not balanced, you will see different aggregate application-level values in NR and Datadog.

What exactly are you doing here? Are you simply trying to trend existing percentile data from some other source? So abc.percentiles is the response time?

There is a problem with how new relic is treat missing data since some recent changes. It can result in gaps in timeseries line display. There are some ways to trick it, but if you have enough throughput to generate percentiles on your metric you should probably not have any missing data gaps.

How are you feeding this data to NR?

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