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Consent from end-users needed for EU-US data transfers?



Do we need explicit consent from end-users in the EU if we use mobile application monitoring? I know New Relic self-certified with the Safe Harbour Framework, but this broke down in October of 2015. Or something happened, I’m not sure, I’m not a lawyer.

I’m asking this now because Fabric and Crashlytics explicitly updated their terms yesterday to include this. From their mail:

Specifically, developers must get consent from end users in the E.U. for the transfer, storage, and use of their information in the the United States and other countries where Twitter and/or Crashlytics (as applicable) operate.

EU-US data transfer without safe harbor

Hey @janfabry - this is something that I’ll need to get you into a ticket to discuss. Please watch your inbox for the ticket info!


Followup: via support I got the New Relic EU Data Protection Whitepaper of November 2015, it might be interesting to others as well.

Privacy policy changelog

Thanks for sharing that, @janfabry ! Definitely interesting. :thumbsup: