Considering upgrading the service, is a trial version possible?

Hi, we have been using New Relic for a while. The function that is currently missing is that we are not able to compare current performance to the historical data as it is deleted after a certain time period.

We are considering upgrade, but is there a possibility to get a trial version from this for a certain amount of time?

I tried to contact a sales rep in the beginning of the week but there has been no answer regarding this. How should I proceed to get this forward asap?

Best regards,
Markus Heinonen

@markus.heinonen Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Sorry to hear you haven’t received a response. However, our team is not in the position to assist with these type of inquiries. Please complete this form: Upgrade or manage your New Relic account

Let us know if you have other support related needs.

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