Consolidating the custom event data from multiple accounts

We are sending custom event data to new relic in different accounts. We have crated dashboard to visualize it in each account. But we are looking for the possibility for consolidating the data across all the accounts. Is there any way to do that? So that we can have a consolidated dashboard which has the data (Same custom event) of multiple accounts?

Hi, @akhil.gnair: Yes, as long as the logged-in user has access to all the accounts, they may create charts that query different accounts and put them all on a single dashboard. Have you tried it?

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Thanks @philweber for the suggestion. Yes, I have tried that . As you pointed out, it requires access to other accounts as well. Is there any other suggestions? Is creating a new relic app a viable solution (considering the access limitation)?
Also, suppose the user who has access to all accounts create a consolidated dashboard, will other users also require to have such level of access to view the dashbaord?

Yes, to view a chart with data from an account, the viewer must have access to that account. The only way I know to create a chart that may be viewed without access to the underlying account is to use the get chart link feature and embed the chart on a web page outside of New Relic.