Consultation Services?

Does new Relic offer consultation services to help up setup NR and get us started understanding how to utilize the data? Right now this has been our IT Infrastructure teams responsibility but they haven’t gotten very far setting it up.

As a developer it looks like a great tool to help us understand where our performance problems are so we can scale our user base but I don’t really have time to learn how to do all the setup so I can digest the information. Also I don’t understand why we aren’t seeing .NET call stack and other tracing info if we have the .net agent installed and I haven’t been able to find any help on that.

@radcb Welcome to the community and to using New Relic :slight_smile: There are great getting started resources at I suggest this one in particular: [Hands-on Lab] Hello, New Relic!

You’ll also find on this site information about upcoming webinars or other trainings.

For troubleshoot your .NET issues I suggest referring to these guided instal frameworks:

Thank you. Can you tell me why this one isn’t available? Seems to be the one I want.

@radcb I’m not sure. Please email and someone from that team will be able to help.

Hi, @radcb: It is not available because we just had two of them this week. :slight_smile: We will schedule more in the near future; in the meantime, you may access a recording of a previous event here: 2021-06-24 13.00 New Relic Distributed Tracing_ Tracking Across your Application Stacks - New Relic.

If you want to learn about using New Relic APM to troubleshoot performance problems, I recommend the 2-Day Observability Workshop. There are two scheduled next month, in both U.S. and U.K. time zones.

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