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Cont Question about list of metrics


Hello, I had some post about list of metrics for Non-Java application.

I think my description was not good enough so I am creating new post with full description.

My team is trying to create a feature that Auto-generated monitoring alerts

for example, when register Java application, we would like to create some metrics on the application using NewRelic API.

I understand there are lots of different metrics available for java application, and choosing metric is very subjective.

This is why I am looking for the list of most popular metrics in general for the type of applications

Problems I am having…

  • Could not find a document that list all available metric for the application (found for JVM, but not other types)

I found Insight provides list_of_metrics and popular_metrics when I choose a application.

Q. Is popular_metrics is generated from NR side or my side(based on our applications in Non-Prod)

  • I want to have list of metric, and popular metric (if possible) for type of application that I do NOT have on my Non-Prod
    • For example, I have Node, Java, Go, Python apps on my Non-Prod, but I am also looking for Nginx, Consul.

If you have any advice or thought, please feel free to share with me.

Thank you!

Popular Metric for Non-Java applications

Hey @Changik.Choi - I responded a little earlier to your other post. I think my response there might be somewhat helpful for this question too:


Yes RyanVeitch, I saw it and It was very helpful thank you so much.
is there any possible way I can chat with you like 10mins?


Hey @Changik.Choi - do you have specific questions? I’m not necessarily an expert in APM monitoring, so I may have to get you in touch with some other people who can help.