Core web vitals charts - no data

The core web vitals stopped displaying data on 1/15

Hi there @hangeles -

I would love to help you get that data showing up for you. So that we can take a closer look, can you please share a link to the application that you are having trouble with?

Here is an examples

@hangeles Thanks for the question and the link here! It looks like your time picker is scoped to 30 minutes, if you expand that, do you see any data? What is the NRQL query you are using here?

Are you able to share a link to the account/application dashboard so we can take a closer look?

Is it all the Core Web Vitals or specific measurements like cumulative layout shift, etc., that are missing? Can you confirm the application is running an up-to-date version that supports the measurements?

Thank you!

Expanding does not help. This is your out of the box stats using the ‘show new view’ option in browser. I was functional until 1/15

All the stats in the new view are missing. I can look into updating the agent, but this was functioning until recently.

Thanks for the quick response. To best assist here, are you able to share the underlying NRQL query you are using here and also a direct link to the browser application so we can take a closer look?

Thank you!

I don’t know how to get that for you. This is not a custom query. These are the out of the box web core vitals provided in browserside by your team. See the attached screenshot

I’ve updated to the latest .net agent and no change

Heres an example of the query without our app id
SELECT percentile(largestContentfulPaint, 75) FROM PageViewTiming WHERE appId=’’

Thank you for the screenshot of your account. To confirm, are you using the .NET agent to install the browser agent?

Since these are all missing it seems that the application may not be running an up-to-date version that supports the measurements or there could be a possible issue with the installation here. I would look at any changes or deployments around 1/15 that may have inadvertently uninstalled browser on some app pages. You can run some checks by reviewing our troubleshooting frameworks guide here:

Browser Troubleshooting Framework Install

If you can provide a direct link to the browser application from your account, I can check further. Thank you again,

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To be clear ,this was working up until the 15 of this month. I did update to the latest version based on your recommendation and its still NOT working.

Can i email you the link? I don’t feel comfortable sharing our company’s data on a public forum.

Can I please get support for this. We would like to take advantage of the new view?

@hangeles Hey there! I totally understand and I’m going to send you a direct message so you can provide a link to your account. Thank you again,

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Sent. Can you please send an update