Cores and RAM amount is not updated

In the Servers tab, the “Server Overview” page displays the wrong number of cores and ram amount.
It is a virtual server and it was created with 2 cores and 1Gb ram, and newrelic is showing that information.
The server have been upgraded to have 8 Cores and 16Gb of ram, hence a reboot was needed, but newrelic page is still showing the old values.

Please note that only the info on the right is incorrect, all the other charts are reporting the correct used ram amount (more than 1Gb)

Hello there,

Thanks for posting. We have some documentation on updating this information here:

To summarise:

  1. Stop the server monitor and delete it from New Relic.
  2. Start it again to have it report as a new server with the correct environment settings.

As you mentioned this only affects the environment data (labeled on the Server Overview page). It does not affect any of the data in the charts; those are accurate.

NOTE: New Relic Servers and Legacy Alerts are going away on or before May 15, 2018. Check out our post here for more information .

Sorry, I failed to mention I’m using it on a linux server, the documentation you are linking refers to Windows.

It is now a retired product and I don’t have access to that anymore, thanks anyway.