Could not add more data due to pricing model issue

I’m unable to add our new server for any features such as APM and Browser monitoring because of this issue:
“You need an account on our new pricing model”

Need your help on how we can fix the issue with regards to our account that prevents me from adding more data

Hi @rhayanm

I hope you are well. Welcome to the community, congrats on your first post here.

From looking at the account in question, I can see its on the legacy pricing model which is what is causing the issue. Its a pretty simple fix, please follow along Switch to the new pricing model | New Relic Documentation.

I would also advise you to consider migrating the users over to the New Relic One Model, Migrate your users to the New Relic One user model | New Relic Documentation .While this is not required currently. It is always best to be on the most current model of things, in my opinion.

I hope this was helpful, please do let us know should you require any additional support!