Counters implementation change in OpenTelemetry Java exporter


We’ve noticed a change when updating from OpenTelemetry Java exporter 0.10 to 0.13 where counters are reported as cumulative values when they were previously reported as deltas.
We’ve reported this in GitHub Counters are published with cumulative values · Issue #153 · newrelic/opentelemetry-exporter-java · GitHub

Just wanted to know if that’s a bug, or should we adjust our current solutions to this change?

Thank you,
Jakub Czuchnowski

@jakub.czuchnowski Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing that you created an issue for this on GitHub. Currently I’m not seeing a bug directly related but will connect with the open source team to see if they have any further information to share.

That would be great! Thank you @JoiConverse