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CPU Information Displaying incorrectly 1 CPU when i have 2


Not to my knowledge.


it would be lovely to have progress on this, even if there was just a manual way to enforce refreshed system specs


Hi @Bulletproof,

We have no update to share at this time.

The only workaround is to report the server as a new instance. Either by changing its name or deleting the current instance.


Sadly that removes all historical data, retention of which is one of the main reasons for customers to pay for Pro subscriptions. If you do come up with an alternate solution please let me know as we have clients who would love to have this implemented without losing recorded metrics.


Very good points @Bulletproof. We will update this thread when we have updates related to the issue.


We have the same issue. Has this been adressed yet or is there a workaround where you don’t loose your data? This was reported more than a year ago…


Hey @helena.aberg.ostlund—No official fix yet. Thanks for being patient while we all wait for an update on this.

I will definitely pass your input up to my product managers so they can see how this is affecting you. Thanks so much, and keep an eye on this thread for any future updates!


Hi Linds,

Any updates regarding this issue? We still have clients who are enquiring about this and they are disappointed when we advise them that the only solution is compromise. Perhaps a manual method where metrics can be re-attached to the newly re-added host, which is currently presented as the best workaround?

Kind Regards,
Joel Devlin
Bulletproof Networks


As of right now, I only have the workaround to offer @Bulletproof! I will update this thread as soon as I hear news on an official fix. Thanks for your patience!


Well we’re 1.5 years into reporting this issue and still nothing!

I suppose this isn’t a development priority, then and we should just assume it isn’t going to happen.
Seems like a pretty big oversight in a world where we can scale machines with the click of a button.

@Linds Appreciate you can’t magic a solution but 1.5 years of “we’ll update you when we have a solutions” isn’t really a solution sadly.


Oi. I know @richard_hauer. I don’t want you to think that I think my empty updates are a solution—I just want everyone to know that I hear them. (I think at this point no one is more desperate for an update on this than I am!)

Thanks for your honesty and for coming to the forum. I am sorry I don’t have more to say as far as resolution goes. I’m passing along your input to the right people right now.


Plus 1 on this fix. Deleting historical data is not an option for us.


Gotcha, @rafael.mahnovetsky! Adding a feature request for you right now! :blush:


Any update?
Waiting for this issue for 2 years =[


:scream: I know, I know, @b.svetlov! Thanks for your patience. I will be creating a feature request for you right now. Keep checking back for news on this in the future.


@Linds Any news on this issue, I have also been following for quite sometime…



With the launch of our next generation Infrastructure monitoring product back in November, engineering efforts for the free Servers offering have been limited to critical security-related items. The above issue has been addressed in Infrastructure (with the addition of tons of new features), and I would highly encourage you all to have a look. It’s very easy to get set up, doesn’t interfere with the already-installed Servers agent on the host, and is a free 30-day trial!

Thank you all for your patience!


We have got the same issue…Any update on this? Any work around will be useful…


Hi there @ShaS - apologies, but your reply slipped through our systems and I just noticed that you had not received a response. As @kirani alluded to, New Relic Infrastructure has solved this problem. Additionally, I want to make sure that you are aware of our plan to End of Life the Servers product. At this point, Infrastructure is your best solution.