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Crash java.lang.VerifyError when using Newrelic with other ofuscated SDK



Hello Newrelic team,

We currently encouter an issue at Contentsquare, if we integrate your sdk on Android, can you please help us ?

  • What agent version are you using? (click to see release notes)
    Tested on Android API level 28 with 3 versions of your agent:
    implementation “”
    implementation “”
    implementation “”

*Please share which platform you have questions about: iOS, Android or hybrid?
The question is about Android.

  • Are you seeing an error? Please paste the stack trace, or add a screenshot for us to review:
    From a sample app, with the latest release version of the Contentsquare SDK, the App will crash if we add the newrelic agent:
    2019-09-30 11:30:33.979 31231-31231/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
    Process: com.contentsquare.test, PID: 31231
    java.lang.VerifyError: Verifier rejected class void,$b) failed to verify: void,$b): [0x31] ‘this’ arg must be initialized (declaration of ‘’ appears in /data/app/com.contentsquare.test-eEmREYE1Ix8Ikr8-rgB8eQ==/base.apk)
    at Source:0)
    at Source:0)
    at Source:8)
    at Source:0)

The Contentsquare SDK use minifyEnabled true with D8. No crash occurs if the Contentsquare SDK is not minify. According the mapping file the crash appears when the newrelic agent instruments our SDK, at each new instance JSONObject.

Please do not hesitate if you need other informations,


Jérôme & Romain



Thanks for posting! This looks similar to another case that is currently under investigation by our product engineering team. I’ve added your instance to the investigation, and I will update you in this thread when information is available.

Engineering may want additional information in the meantime, so please stay posted! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the news @dmurray :slight_smile:

We tried to create a minimaliste sample app to provide you a source code, but sadly, we cannot reproduce this crash with this trivial example for now.


Jérôme & Romain



We’ve released a new version of the Android agent that should address this crash. Can you please update to the latest Android agent version and confirm if you are still seeing this error?


Hi @dmurray, thank you for letting us now about the release. We tested the new 5.24.1 Android Agent Plugin but unfortunately we are still experiencing the runtime crash related with the stack trace “java.lang.VerifyError: Verifier rejected class…”. This happens whenever the New Relic SDK is trying to instrument the class constructor complaining that it could not find the class in the ClassLoader from our understanding of the stack trace.
As a way to move forward, we could help you reproduce the issue by integrating our SDK in your environment? For that we would need to create a project with the package names that you might use. We can share these information in a private message.
What do you think?



I think that sounds like a great plan! I’d like to share this with our product engineering team to investigate, so the more info you can provide, the better.

I will go ahead and open up a private support ticket where you can safely attach any files, and communicate directly as our engineers work on this.

Please keep an eye out for an email from New Relic Support :slight_smile:


@dmurray Have you made any headway on this issue? We are seeing a similar issue.



Can you share any information about what you’re seeing, what seems to be conflicting, and how you are implementing the Android agent?