Crash Reporting not symbolicated

When I try and symbolicate my crashes I get this error message (We were still unable to symbolicate this crash. Please contact support to get this resolved.)

So I am contacting support :slight_smile:

thanks for the assistance

Hi @Nathan.stryker,

The message usually shows up when the dsym file is not uploaded to us successfully. The following link is to a great dSYM upload deep-dive community post which described more details about the dSYMs and the upload process. I recommend you to have a look: Relic Solution: iOS dSYM upload deep-dive

If the error still persists, would you be able to send a permalink of the crash that is not symbolicated? So that we can look into it. You can create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface by scrolling to the bottom and clicking ‘Permalink’ all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode.’ Copy and paste us this URL and it will show us the exact page and, most importantly, the same time period that you are observing.