Create a new license key

I need to regenerate my license key. I see that I cannot turn off the original one that’s created, but the examples of using NerdGraph to create a new one also don’t seem correct. Can someone point me to exactly what I need to do to create a new license key? I don’t know GraphQL at all, so something very specific would be appreciated.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for writing in! You can’t manage or delete your original license key. Only support can help you with that! You can create secondary License Keys known as Ingest Keys to replace out the original LK on your applications. We have excellent documentation on how to use Nerdgrah:

You can find that information on generating Ingest Keys here. The create keys instructions are the correct steps to take create secondary LKs. If you would like to rotate your current account license key, we can create a support ticket to assist. Let me know if you’d like to proceed that direction.


I read those links so many times and it did not make any sense. Going into the explorer again, it seems i can change “BROWSER” to “LICENSE” and achieve this. I will paste the query I had to use for anyone else to refer to (would be great if the documentation included this—having to use GraphQL to rotate a license key isn’t user-friendly so any help the docs can provide would be great).

That said, can you delete or re-generate our original key? I don’t want keys in use that I cannot control so if we can eliminate that one it would be great.

mutation {
  apiAccessCreateKeys(keys: {ingest: {accountId: «accountID», ingestType: LICENSE, name: "Key created Oct 15 2020" }}) {
    createdKeys {
      ... on ApiAccessIngestKey {
    errors {
      ... on ApiAccessIngestKeyError {

Hey Dave,

We can rotate the original license key but we cannot eliminate it. I’ll open a ticket for you to rotate the original license key.

Rotating is fine…we won’t use it leak it so that will work. Thanks!