Create and monitor self-serve developer environments with the WayScript integration

Hello New Relic community!

My name is Monica and I work at WayScript. We’re so excited to be partnering with New Relic to launch the WayScript <> New Relic integration! Use it to spin up self-serve developer environments that you can monitor with New Relic.

You can try the integration out yourself by reading the blog or by watching the NerdBytes tutorial.

What is WayScript?

A little about WayScript, if you haven’t come across us before! WayScript is an internal developer platform (IDP) that makes it easy for software developers, SREs, and engineering leaders to take control of their team’s tools and developer environments.

Teams use WayScript to:

  • Instantly spin up containerized dev environments from templates created by the SRE team
  • Flexibly build cron tasks, services, APIs, data pipelines, and other internal tools (no additional infrastructure setup needed)
  • Uniformly roll out infrastructure changes and engineering standards across dev teams

Automatically connect your environments with New Relic

The best part is with this integration, each of your tools and environments will automatically be supported by the powerful suite of observability tools from New Relic! It only takes minutes, and once you set up the integration, you’ll be able to see your environment and what you’ve built as entities in New Relic.

If you need support setting WayScript up for your team or would like to chat live about internal developer platforms generally, you can book a time here.

How to install the WayScript <> New Relic integration

  • Follow the steps listed in the blog or the docs
  • Watch the tutorial for extra guidance

For technical support or feedback

WayScript pricing

  • The free tier comes with 100 hours of runtime per month and for now, unlimited user seats, unlimited tools or tasks, unlimited cron tasks, webhooks, and deploy triggers.
  • Please contact us at for information about upgraded paid plans including self-hosted pricing
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