Create Calendar Month Heatmap of Pageviews

I have access to New Relic via my Pantheon hosting service. I receive the Monday emails which contain a very nice 2 month heatmap of ppm over the course of the past month or so arranged in a nice “Calendar” looking visual.

The link to view the report sends me to a login which doesn’t work because of how my access is tied to Pantheon.

Is there a way to build/find that same monthly calendar heatmap dashboard/visual on my own? I’ve been trying to build a Query with histograms and facets but i’m not even coming close on my own.

any help is appreciated!

Hi, @mbuckno: I assume you are referring to this visualization:

I don’t know of any way to create that in New Relic. The link in the email just points to the SLA report:

Thank @philweber, that’s exactly what i’m trying to find. I was hoping there was a way to access that in NR’s interface outside of email. I guess not. Too bad, because this type of visualization is super helpful for many different metrics.

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Sounds like a great feature request to me :smiley:

Sounds like a great idea for a custom visualization. :slight_smile: