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Create new users using powershell


Is there a way to create new users, using powershell?


Hi Curt!

We do not currently have automated or scriptable user provisioning tools available on New Relic accounts. I would recommend adding your vote to a feature request like one of these so our product teams can see your interest:

In the mean time, you may wish to look into the Bulk user actions tool, which provides a faster way to add and remove users. It does not do automated or scripted user provisioning, but it can be the easiest way to preform large/batch user changes on an account.



Hi @jjones - I’ve just read the documentation for the Bulk user actions tool and some additional information would be useful to clarify the actions.

From what I have read, the CSV file name actually determines the action?

Delete users => account_[account_number]delete_users.csv
Update users => account
[account_number]update_users.csv (assumed as could be post)
Create users => account
[account_number]_create_users.csv (assumed as could be post or put)


Hi Stefan!

That’s a great question! The CSV file name doesn’t actually matter in this case. The Bulk User Actions tool has an option in the UI that you can select to indicate what action you are trying to take (see Step 3 in the screenshot below):

One point I want to clarify is this tool can add and remove users and change user permissions. You will not be able to use this tool to change user emails for existing users (unless you decide to remove the user with their old email and add them again with their new email.)


Thanks for the update. We are not looking to do bulk adds, just trying to automate the process so we can give this task to our service desk to handle.


Thank you for the clarification. Can I request that the documentation is updated to reflect the information in your post to provide better instruction?


HI @stefan_garnham, i’ll make sure the documentation is updated as per @jjones comments :smiley: