Create Service Level Indicator based on Metrics

I would like to create a service level indicator within my “Service Levels” which uses a metric. Is this possible? Metrics are not listed when trying to create the query.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 4.49.21 PM

How do I create an SLI based on metrics?

Is this possible?

Hello @devops411,

SLI queries support NRDB events. Support for dimensional metrics on SLI queries is on our roadmap.

That said, you can chart SLI attainment - time series on your custom dashboards using the following query:

FROM Metric SELECT clamp_max((count(newrelic.sli.valid) - count(newrelic.sli.bad)) / count(newrelic.sli.valid) * 100, 100) as 'SLI attainment' WHERE = '<>' UNTIL 2 MINUTES AGO TIMESERIES AUTO

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