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Create "Throughput (web)" type of alert, but for only one endpoint



I want to add an alert for a service, similar to an “APM Application Metric” alert with “When target application Throughput (web) has a call count above…” However, I want to count transactions on only one endpoint.

How can I do this?

I tried creating a NRQL alert that counts the transactions for this endpoint. However, I’m not sure how to slice the time for the threshold. So, I created a NRQL similar to the following:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = ‘MayApp’ and name = ‘WebTransaction/Something/endpoint’

(I’m new to NRQL and alerts.)

I could set up the alert condition as “When the query returns a value above 100 for at least 10 minutes”. However, the NRQL query does not set a range within which it is counting transactions. If there were 10 transactions per minute, what will it compare to the threshold of 100, the count per minute (1)? the count per hour (600)? Do I just need to add something to the NRQL to make this work? Or am I approaching it completely wrong?


Hi, @marnee.derider: The simplest solution is probably to designate the endpoint a key transaction. Then you can use a key transaction alert condition to monitor the throughput on that endpoint.

You may be able to use a NRQL alert condition, but as you have discovered, that can be tricky. New Relic Alerts evaluates conditions once per minute, so if you specify a threshold of “above 100 for at least 10 minutes”, the throughput will have to be greater than 100 requests per minute for at least 10 consecutive minutes in order to trigger a violation. If it drops below 100 for 1 minute, the 10-minute window starts over.


That was exactly what I needed. Thanks much!