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Creating a List of values that can be used to filter a dashboard


I would like to be able to create a single dashboard that I can use with any application. I would like to display a list of items (in this case) the application names and when selected have the dashboard only display information about the selected items.

I also collect custom metrics and would like to add custom metrics collected for all applications in a similar manner, the only way that looks like it might be possible would be to use custom events instead of custom metrics because I cannot use NRQL against metrics, is that correct?

The only other option I see is exporting the data so that I can use Graphana but I would like to try and keep as many things in a single system as possible.

In the graphite Editor I can use wild cards or variables in a query to allow this to happen. For instance the Env, Agent, Host are all selected on the dashboard.



Hi @jgiganti - You are correct in that you can only perform this filtering with events, not metrics. The approach with events is to use a widget linked to the same dashboard it is placed on, which lists the applications. You would then set the filter on the dashboard on the appName attribute.


@jgiganti - let us know if Stefan’s comment was helpful :smiley: