Creating a single "score" with a calculated Core Web Vital performance indicator

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I have been asked for a dashboard with some sort of a combined score that indicates how well a Browser Monitor data set performs for the Core Web Vitals metrics. Does anyone have experience with this? I’m thinking it should work kind of like the Lighthouse score you get from Google Pagespeed Insights etc.

The use case is that we have several managers who are not used to, and don’t have time to get a full understanding of each of the Core Web Vital metrics. What they need is an easy indicator of whether we have improved on the overall performance of a website or not.

We have come a long way with this by setting up a simple dashboard that shows the LCP, CLS and FID for the data set, comparing it with an earlier period. But it still requires knowledge of what good scores are for each metric.

If we could do a single calculated score, ranging from 0 (worst performance) to 100 (best performance) based on CLS, FID and LCP that would be really great. I am not sure what it would require to get a score of 100 in this calculation. Perhaps that the 75th percentile of the users have a “good” score for all three metrics?

Any ideas on this, or possibly examples of NRQL queries that do something like this?


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Hi @phey

I’m not sure exactly on a calculation you can pull from LCP/CLS/FID, since they are measured in different units, it’s tough to standardise that.

What you could do instead, is use a Synthetics API Test monitor to hit the lighthouse API (here’s a script you can use:
(Note you’ll need a Google API Key from here)

This comes with the speed index metric from lighthouse, which you could use as your 1 single point metric for folks who don’t fully understand the intricacies of the main core web vitals.

There’s a dashboard config JSON here that you can pull some queries from:

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That is a good idea. Thank you.

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