Creating Alerts [Host Metrics] - Not all Applications/Services are being shown

Hello there,

We’re running into an issue while trying to set up CPU & Memory alerts for one of our applications. I’ll give a little back story in the hope it helps.

As an example, we have a set of webservers and a set of api servers which are running containers responsible for said applications. They are split across 3 AWS regions.

I was able to successfully find the webservers and filter them by region in order to create the alerts via (Infrastructure > Settings > Alerts > Create Condition). However, our API servers are only showing in one region with those filters, they do however all show up as “services” under (Infrastructure > Services - APM).

We’re building the agent into our docker containers and handle the logging configuration (not concerned with this) at a post-deployment stage.

Any idea why I can only see data for one region’s API servers when trying to set the alerts up? It works flawlessly for the webservers.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @sam.lansing ,

Thanks for writing in. Would you be able to share a screenshot of this section you referenced in the UI?

I’ll be able to dig a bit deeper from there.


Hey @emurphy , I grabbed a screenshot, had to “not so gracefully” block out the service names though. You can see the 3 which I’m allowed to set up alerts for are marked as green indicating they have alert conditions. The others won’t allow me to set up conditions, I end up at the metric filter page and they do not show up.