Creating links between apps using Service Maps

Can i create a connection between different apps and plugins in my project just by setting them up in the Service Map to activate the links so i will be able to visualise the dashboards after fetching data just like a flowchart.

Hi @vishnuatma, could you let me know more about what you’re trying to accomplish and where?

In original New Relic (i.e. the APM UI), you can manually define connections between entities by adding nodes: Add or remove nodes on apps.

Within New Relic One, we currently do not offer the ability to add custom nodes in the same fashion. In order to display a relationship between entities, you will want to ensure that either distributed tracing or cross-application tracing is enabled on the services that are calling each other.

Let me know if this information helps or if I haven’t quite covered your use case. I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

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